Hyundai Brake Inspection & Brake Service in Queensbury, NY

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Are Your Hyundai's Brakes in Top Shape?


Brakes are one of the most overlooked parts of your car, when in fact they’re one of its key elements to keeping you and your family safe on the road! At Garvey Hyundai, our trained technicians have the right tools and parts to service your brakes and keep them in optimal condition. From brake inspection to replacing front or rear brake pads, checking brake fluid, and rotor replacement, we’ve got your brakes covered.

Below, we’ve answered some top questions we get from customers about car brakes and provided some performance and maintenance tips to help you extend the life of your brakes!


Hyundai Brakes 101: Performance & Maintenance Tips


When Should You Get Your Brakes Serviced?

Typically, your brakes should be inspected on a yearly basis, however it’s important to pay attention to your car! Out of the ordinary sounds or sensations can indicate there may be brake problems. If any of these symptoms are happening to you, visit us to perform a brake inspection.

You Hear Abnormal Sounds When Braking - Grinding, screeching, or squealing noises your car makes when you hit the brakes is an indication your brake pads may be worn and are in need of replacement.

Your Brake Pedal Feels Different - Pay attention to the way your brake pedal feels beneath your foot. A change in brake pedal sensation is a key indicator there may be a problem. Whether your brake pedal shakes, your brake pedal feels softer or firmer than usual, you’re pressing down farther on your brake pedal than usual, or your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor, it’s time to get it checked out.

Your Brake Fluid is Dark Brown - Your brake fluid should be an amber or light gold color. If the brake fluid in your reservoir looks brown or black, it’s a sign your fluid has collected a significant amount of contamination.

Your Brake Warning Light Comes On - If your vehicle’s brake warning light is illuminated on your dashboard, your Hyundai is signalling something is wrong--even if you don’t see, hear, or feel so. 

What's in a Brake Inspection?

Your car’s brake system is intricate--every time you press on your brake pedal, a highly complex system is taking place. A brake inspection is designed to look at each part of the vehicle that contributes to this system. This includes checking your car’s pads, rotors, brake fluid level, calipers, brake cables, hardware, and more.


How to Extend the Lives of Your Brakes

All brakes, pads, and rotors have their own life expectancy, and replacing these regularly as they age is just a part of life when owning a vehicle. However, there are certain driving practices you can perform in the interim to prevent your brakes from wearing down quicker.

Avoid Constant Stopping and Going - Stop and go driving, like city driving, is taxing on your car’s brake system. Leaving ample room between you and the car ahead of you helps insure you don’t have to stomp on your brakes at the sign of brake lights. Slow and steady driving is preferred by your car’s brake system. Obviously if you live in a city, this type of driving is unavoidable for you, so your vehicle will require more frequent brake inspections to catch major problems before they start.

Avoid Aggressive Driving - Aggressive driving behaviors like speeding in heavy traffic, running red lights, tailgating, and weaving in and out of traffic often leads to last-minute braking, wearing down your pads and rotors. 

Avoid Overloading Your Vehicle - This one is a matter of physics: the more your load your vehicle with weight, the more your brakes have to work to bring your vehicle to a halt. Take stock of what you’re hauling around in your vehicle and remove excess weight to reduce the added stress on your brakes.


Schedule Your Hyundai Brake Inspection Today!

Don’t let your brakes maintenance get overlooked. Servicing your brakes is a necessary part of vehicle maintenance and keeping your brakes in top shape keeps your family safe and can end up saving you from costly repairs down the road. Schedule a brake inspection today at your local Garvey Hyundai dealer to get started. You can also view our service specials for current brake service coupons and offers.