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Don't just take our word for it, here are some recent testimonials...
"Good Afternoon, I have been a die-hard Buick fan since 1978. My company provided their sales force with Buick LeSabres and they replaced them every 2 years with brand new LeSabres. Because of my happiness with Buicks in the past, my wife and I bought a Park Avenue and a Century for our personal use from [Dealer name censored] Buick. We have always wanted a truck but it was impractical in the past. Last week, events changed that. My wife recently left her job as an executive director for her company, managing a department with a budget in the millions and a staff of over 80 employees to pursue her second masters degree. Despite my sales and sales management experience over the past 40 years, I depend on my wife's judgment in matters financial. My wife is very intelligent, analytical, courteous and when negotiating, respectful, thoughtful and empathetic. My wife is a force with whom to be reckoned when negotiating and she neither insults nor condescends. My wife did the Internet research on the truck we wanted and sent inquiries to local GM dealers. [Dealer name censored] replied and let us know there was one in stock. We test-drove the Canyon, liked what we experienced and returned to prepare to drive it off the lot. I'm a sales manager in an industry that is purely in a buyers market. As we began and finalized the negotiations, I was fascinated at the attitude directed toward my wife. She was treated in both a condescending and insulting manner. She and I walked. On Saturday morning, we walked into Garvey Hyundai and we were both pleasantly amazed at the difference in attitudes. Not only were we treated by the sales team, and I stress the word "team", as prospective customers whose business Garvey wanted to earn, but they listened. They listened and they heard what we wanted. We went to buy a truck. At 5:00 on Saturday afternoon, my wife drove off Garvey's lot with a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe and I drove off the lot with a pre-owned truck. In the future when friends and family ask our advice about where to shop for a car, I'll personally drive them in my 2009 Santa Fe to Garvey Hyundai and get them to the Garvey sales team. Tones can sometimes be misconstrued in e-mails. I want to assure you the tone of this reply to you is meant to be both courteous and professional. Your successful management team had a business decision to make and my wife and I had a business decision to make. Your group is very successful and having 1 customer walk won't have a negative impact on your continuing success. Cordially, Jim T.

More Testimonials...

 "In these needed times, customer education to make a wise decision is imperative. This past winter, I needed to make that decision for now and future needs. I like to support locally. Hyundai staff here are professional and appreciated. I look forward to an on-going business relationship for continued quality care. Welcome to Plattsburgh!! PS: My '08 Sonata is wonderful!" 
Dawn P. - Plattsburgh, NY 

"My husband has always been a Ford man and didn't want to look at anything else! However, interest was great and the sales person was very helpful and understanding to all our needs. Also, the staff at Garvey Hyundai is very professional. A great place to deal with." 
Elaine F. - Beekmantown, NY 

"I've been coming to Garvey Hyundai for 17 years now because the dealership and staff have always been good to us and the vehicles are dependable. I drive a lot so I trade up every year. Never a problem, very good sales and service" 
Bill E. - S. Glens Falls, NY 

"I'm a fifth time buyer at Garvey Hyundai and I wanted to say that the Sales and Service are excellent, the warranty is terrific as is the road side service. We've always recommended Garvey to our friends and family but recommend them to anyone looking for a great place to do business and the best deal on a car. Hyundai and Garvey is the perfect combination." 
Walter S. - Queensbury, NY 

"We keep coming back to Garvey because there's a magnetism here and we're treated like family. Things are on a first name basis, they wash our cars after every service and it's just a great dealership." 
Phil F. - Bolton Landing, NY 

"I love Volkswagen and I've been coming to Garvey for a number of years. All my sons and I drive VWs, my wife drives Kia, but I won't talk about that (lol). I enjoy the people here. When I come here, I know I'm going to be taking care of well." 
Rev. Lamont R. - Queensbury, NY

"I was recently at Garvey to test drive a vehicle, I was helped by a wonderful young man and a terrific salesman and he added a few extras for me that really made me think about buying the car I wanted. He accompanied myself, my son and his girlfriend on the test drive and we had a great time on the drive. He pointed out some great features on the car, he is just a pleasure to talk to and I hope to purchase the car very soon, thank you."
Gayle D. - Chazy, NY

"I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate all of the help you have given me, and how great the experience of buying my new car was. After driving the Elantra I knew it was the car for me. I can't tell you initially how much I was dreading the whole car shopping task, but you and all the great people who run that dealership made it sooo easy! There are other car dealers much closer to where I live, but it was well worth the drive to do business with all of you. I contacted a few of the others, but they either were not too informative, or they were downright rude! I made a point to write to them and tell them exactly where I purchased my new car and why. If you ever need an endorsement, please feel free to use my name! Again, thank you so much!"
Pam C. - Troy, NY

"Sales and Service is what's kept me coming back to Garvey Volkswagen-Kia over the years. Sales, they work with you to get the deal you want and need, and the Service, they fix it right the first time, I never had any problems (there's no headaches)."
Dick H. - Hudson Falls, NY
"I want to thank everyone for your first class treatment. You guys treated me right and I made a quick deal for a new Sonata. I took your first offer because I could tell everyone there was being up front with me and not trying to take advantage of me so there was no need to haggle. We've all had past experiences in the past with new car dealers. I thought I was going to go through the same hassles as when I bought my last new car, but everything went smoothly, everyone was happy, and I'm very satisfied. You both know your product, and I feel everyone there believes in Hyundai which is why I see good things for the company in the future. All it takes is more people like me to believe in you. Again, thank you and best wishes in the future. I hope to see more Hyundai's on the road." 
Jason R. - Hudson Falls, NY 

 "This is our third vehicle. The sales people here at Garvey VW are very knowledgeable about their products and work really well with each other, before the sale and afterwards, they really take the time to find what you're really looking for in a car and what kind of driving you like to do, after that the service department is really terrific in getting us in, even on short notice getting something down even if it?s just a little minor adjustment." 
Tim S. - South Glens Falls, NY

"I came from 50 miles away to buy at Garvey. They've shown me honesty, integrity, professionalism a lot of TLC and most of all, the best price in the capital district. I'm so glad I made the trip to Garvey Hyundai. I got a great deal, I used to drive a Toyota, now I drive a Hyundai and I just love my car, it's worth the trip from anywhere." 
John G. - Hagaman, NY 

 "My wife and I have been buying cars from Garvey for over sixteen years and we have found the service and friendship just very super, but what we really like is the extremely fair deals that we've received over the years. We've really appreciated the warm, friendly service, I've been particularly happy with what I consider to be very fair deal which we've received, that's why Garvey is number one in this area (to us as well). And why we wouldn't buy a car from any other dealership, thank you." 
William and Donna E. - Gansevoort, NY 

 "Primarily I took the Hyundai Challenge because you get the best deal, the best buy, and besides, they treat you like a real person here. They're courteous, they call you back with information and help you out with any type of problems you may have." 
Tim C. - Queensbury, NY 

"I live like 60 miles away from Garvey Hyundai, approximately six years ago, I made my first trip here and it was well worth the drive, great service great value, and just terrific people. My car had a terrific warranty and reputation." 
Mark C. - Gloversville, NY 

 The above statements are genuine, from actual customers who have given their testimony either through, email, in cards or letters or on camera. Although each of the testimonials here are from people who have already given us clear consent to use their full names, we have decided not to disclose surnames simply out of respect for the privacy of our customers. If anyone has questions concerning the credibility of these statements or if you yourself would like to leave a testimony, please contact us and we will be most pleased to hear from you. If you would like to learn more about Garvey Auto Group, click here. Thanks to everyone who helped make Garvey Auto Group, a name you can trust!

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