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How do you get your circle price?
Hyundai Circle

Q. Who qualifies for the Hyundai Circle A-Plan program?

A. Approved vendors/business affiliates of HMA, HMMA, and HCA with company ID provided by HMA. Friends and extended family members of HMA, HMMA, and HCA employees are also eligible for A-Plan.

Q. What vehicles are eligible for this program?

A. All new and unused Hyundai vehicles available in dealer stock at participating Hyundai dealers are eligible for this program. Some vehicle restrictions may apply. Please verify vehicle eligibility with the participating dealers.

Q. What is the Hyundai Circle A-Plan program?

A. Qualifying customers are eligible to receive the following discounted price:
  • Dealer Invoice + Freight + Advertising Fee
  • Minus 3% of MSRP (not including freight)
  • Minus $250 A-Plan Circle Cash (this amount does not vary by model)
  • Minus applicable HMA incentives at time of purchase

Q. What do I need to bring to the dealership to purchase my vehicle?

A. The Hyundai Circle Customer Certificate (A-Plan Certificate) generated from the Hyundai Circle website must be presented to the dealership when purchasing the vehicle. The certificate must be signed by both the customer and the dealership at the time of purchase.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Hyundai Circle Department at, or call 1-855-5CIRCLE (1-855-524-7253) Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:30pm PST (excluding holidays).

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